Inclusive Digital Transformation Locality Survey


1. Introduction

The Phase 3 NHS Response to Covid-19 letter (31 July 2020) sent from NHSE/I to NHS leaders across the country specifically highlights the need to ensure that digitally-enabled care pathways increase inclusion. For the purposes of this survey we are calling this 'Inclusive Digital Transformation'. 

mHabitat* is working with NHSX to find out more about the current picture of 'Inclusive Digital Transformation' in health and care systems. 

We recognise that there is a great deal of digital inclusion activities taking place at a local level. We are inviting local stakeholders to complete this short survey to explain what digital inclusion activities are being delivered at a local level across the country.

We expect the survey of 18 questions to take 5-10 minutes to complete. The deadline for completing this survey is 25 November 2020.

If you are involved in digital inclusion you will probably already know that according to the Lloyds Bank Consumer Digital Index 2020 there are nine million people who struggle to use digital in the UK and the people most likely to be digitally excluded are also more likely to need health and care services. Barriers are complex and multi-faceted. This complexity means that one size does not fit all and there will be many different approaches and activities. Inclusive Digital Transformation means people working in the system, in voluntary sector, in industry purposefully working together with citizens who are more digitally and socially excluded to co-design inclusion into digital transformation at a strategic and delivery level to ensure that everyone benefits from digitally-enabled health and care. 

This survey is part of a wider research project which includes a survey of Integrated Care Systems/Sustainability Transformation Partnerships and a small number of in-depth case study interviews. The findings will be shared in due course. We hope this will shine a spotlight on good practice and enable connections to be made at a local and national level.  

Please note we are not collecting any personal data in this survey. We will be sharing and publishing this data with national and local bodies and partnerships such as ICSs and STPs. 

If you have any queries about this survey or the wider initiative, please contact the team at 

*mHabitat is a co-design, digital inclusion and innovation team (hosted by the NHS) who specialise in Inclusive Digital Transformation in health and care settings. For further information please check out our website or follow us on twitter @wearemhabitat

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3. Which of the following (Integrated Care Systems/Sustainability Transformation Partnerships) areas is your activity delivered in? *


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