Professional Teaching Awards Cymru

Professional Teaching Awards Cymru

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  • Best use of Digital Learning: This award is designed to recognise the best digital practices in a teaching and learning environment. These could include innovative use of the Hwb platform, collaboration projects or online safety. It should demonstrate creativity and innovation with a positive impact on learners, staff or the school as a whole. This is an opportunity to nominate an individual, a team of staff or a whole school. The nomination should clearly identify how digital learning has had a positive impact on learning outcomes in their environment. 

  • Headteacher of the Year: Awarded to an individual who can demonstrate that they are able to inspire others. An exceptional Headteacher who can demonstrate the ability to engage the school in the community and community in school to make a difference for every learner. Also, provide evidence of supporting colleagues in other schools. 

  • Inspirational use of the Welsh Language: This award is for teachers or other staff who have inspired pupils and colleagues to use and enjoy the Welsh language. Nominees could work in English medium, bi-lingual and Welsh medium settings. They could use classroom learning, collaboration with colleagues and outside bodies or other innovative approaches. 

  • Outstanding New Teacher: This award is reserved for teachers who are in their second or third year of teaching. Awarded to an individual who demonstrates enthusiasm and excellent classroom methods to support pupils’ learning and produce outstanding results. Whilst showing early leadership qualities they have commitment to their own professional development for the benefit of pupils. They demonstrate collaborative techniques and a desire for innovation to promote effective learning. 

  • Promoting Collaboration to Improve Learning Opportunities: This award is designed to acknowledge those who have successfully managed to get organisations to work together to improve opportunities for pupils. These could include school to school collaborations, school/college collaborations or work between schools and other partners that have impacted on learners. 

  • Promoting Wellbeing, Inclusion and Relationships with the Community: Awarded to schools who demonstrate leadership in collaborative ventures. This can be with parents, the community, other schools and outside organisations. Sharing excellence across all sectors to improve pupils’ learning and well-being.

  • School Business Manager/Bursar: Awarded to those who demonstrate the ability to manage and drive the school agenda to support school management. Display leadership and innovative thinking qualities to deliver results for their school. 

  • Supporting Teachers and Learners: Awarded to those who have provided outstanding support and had an exceptional impact on the teaching and learning in the school.

  • Teacher of the Year: Awarded to an individual that displays the qualities of an exceptional teacher. Providing evidence of care, compassion and passion for their subject. Evidence of being an excellent role model for the younger generation and relentless in getting higher standards and has an impact on all their children’s learning.