UKRI GCRF Collective Programme Network Plus Expression of Interest

Dear applicant to the ESRC led Network Plus calls:

In order to help us manage this commissioning process in the most efficient way possible, we are asking you to complete the following Expression of Interest form. This will help us have a better estimate of number of submissions, identify thematic areas as well as peer reviewers. Only one Expression of Interest per proposal should be submitted, this must be completed by the Principal Investigator.

It is not compulsory to complete an EOI but we strongly encourage you to do so.

Please make sure you complete this form by 16:00 on 11 March 2019. 

If you have any questions please contact

Please note that we will not be providing feedback on the EOIs. Note this EOI relates to the GCRF Network plus calls led by ESRC only (Gender and Intersectionality; and Education as a Driver of Development).

1. Tell us about yourself and your project *


2. What is your Network Plus title? (Note: you can slightly amend the title of your proposal from the EOI stage to the point of submission if you need to) *


3. Which Network Plus are you applying to? *


4. Briefly summarise your proposal. Please include reference to how it will address and promote the economic development and/or welfare of DAC list Countries (max 350 words) *


5. Please list all DAC list countries to be involved in the Network Plus *


6. List the names and Research Organisations of ALL academic Co-Investigators (both UK based and international)


7. Please explain how your proposal will address and promote the economic development and/or welfare of the countries listed above *


8. List the names and affiliations of ALL non-academic stakeholders involved in your proposal (both UK based and international)


9. Please list any non-DAC list countries to be involved


10. Considering the main disciplinary area, which of the following Research Councils would your project be primarily relevant to? *


11. Which other Research Council(s)’s remit(s) would your project be relevant to? (please tick all that apply) *