GM OWOM Integrated Workforce Planning - Train the Trainer Programme - Expression of Interest Form

1. Introduction

This is a very quick expression of interest form for any applications hoping to enrol on a Train the Trainer course to help us raise awareness and provide a GM standard for Integrated Workforce Planning as part of the wider One Workforce, One Model (OWOM) GM programme.
The course is aimed at any staff members working in any health and social care organisation that looks at future plans for staffing to deliver services, upskilling staff, planning for new roles etc. The aim of the course is to train you up to be ‘super trainers’ to champion workforce planning in your organisation and to be better at delivering this as one workforce system in Greater Manchester.
Please fill out this very short form and we will be in touch over the next few weeks to inform you if you have been successful in enrolling onto the course and all of the joining information you will need.
Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding the course, do not hesitate to get in touch with the One Workforce, One Model (OWOM) Programme Manager, Hannah Thornton at:

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6. Which locality session are you applying for?
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7. How would you currently rate your own knowledge of integrated workforce planning?


8. How confident are you in your ability to facilitate and deliver integrated workforce planning in your own organisation?


9. Do you currently use tools or resources to support workforce planning processes?


10. This programme has a requirement for you to spread awareness and provide training about workforce planning in your organisation – are you supported and motivated to deliver this in your role and within your organisation?

If so, please provide a brief summary as to why would you want to enrol onto this training course
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11. Do you have any examples of workforce challenges you are currently facing in your organisation that a facilitated workforce planning session could support?
(Please provide examples below in as much detail as you can provide to support the design process of the training sessions)


12. What would you like to see in this course? What would help you in your role in terms of content and outputs? *


13. Thank you for your time to complete this form. If you have any queries or questions about the course, please note below and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a more pressing issue you can contact anytime. We will be in touch in due course with the results and details of the training session.

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