We are exploring different models for WNWN/social supermarket and what will best suit local residents, all being fair and equitable. This is where you come in now; for us to best decide the model to work with, your feedback is the key ingredient.

This Survey is for residents local to Bridport or frequent visitors :)

There are 14 questions.

Waste Not Want Not Est. 2018 is going through a transition to become community initiative. We are considering whether a Community Benefit Society (CBS) will be a good fit. The purpose of this would be further our communities sense of ownership of the shop, co-create a financially, socially and physically accessible way to shop for essentials and to work in tandem with our upcoming Food Hub by Bridport Food Matters CIO.

The aim is to incorporate elements from social supermarkets, and to enable our existing range of organic wholefoods and natural products, to become accessible for us all, with the hope to source food products as locally as possible, internationally and within UK. The Food Hub will be offering workshops, food waste cafe, projects out in the community and providing a space for the community to share our collective wisdom for growing, cooking, well-being, health.  Alongside this, WNWN CBS will support Bridport residents with our natural ethical and lower impact offerings.  We would be likely to add to our current range to include fresh and chilled produce as well as the refill dried and household goods etc.

All profit/surplus will be funnelled back into the Food Hub and the shop to increase accessibility by introducing wider offerings and create subsidised memberships and subsidised food shopping and refills for those of us in our wider Bridport community that need it most.

1. How much do you spend on average on your monthly shopping for your household?
Including: food, kitchen, bathroom, etc. from any store or market. *


2. Do you use any of the following?
Please select all that apply.


3. Are you or have you in the past been a customer at WNWN?
Please select which best applies. *


4. How much on average do you spend each month with Waste Not Want Not?


5. Why do you now or in the past shop at WNWN?

Please select all that apply.


6. What are the key areas that you feel need most improvement or that you would like to see introduced?
Please select all that apply.


7. We are considering a membership scheme. The shop will be open to guests and visitors alike.

Membership prices would be tiered to reflect what you are able to pay forward to support other users with less means, effectively pay as you feel. Memberships would all be equal and provide access to discounts across the shop, member voting, events and more.

Discounts would be treated with the same dignity as subscribing to membership. Each time you shop, you would get to decide which price tier you are able to pay, fairly reflecting your financial situation.

Aiming to eliminate judgment and encourage autonomy that is beneficial to all, developing our own economy. The benefits of this we believe far out weigh the risks that people would ‘take advantage’; it is good to remember, if someone is percieved to be ‘taking advantage’, there is invariably a need unmet.

Would you be interested in becoming a member of WNWN Community Benefit Society?
Please share your perspective on what being a member would mean to and for you and why. *


8. Which price tier would you opt for as a member, based on your current circumstances?
*subsidised price **cost price (RRP - Recommended Retail Price) *


If membership was pay as you feel or tiered options, how much would you be happy to pay per month / per year?

Examples of what we might expect people to pay:
low to no income – subsidised membership or £1-£12 per year,
liveable income - £2-£10 per month/£24-£120 per year,
higher income - £4-£30 per month/£48-£360 per year.

Detail a specific amount below and specify if it is monthly or yearly. eg. £8 per month *


9. Would you be interested in investing in shares to help ensure a long future for the CBS and if so how much?

Please bear in mind that these shares could not be withdrawn until 3 years after investing, that the purpose of the shares are primarily to support the CBS and will not offer large returns and also that investments may be eligible for Tax relief. Minimum investment would be £50. *


10. Would you be like to be actively involved with the CBS and to what capacity would you be offering?

We are looking for specifically: Secretary, Directors and Treasurer. Please share if you would be interested helping with planning the CBS. We will in time be looking to hire a couple of Managers / Assistant Managers with salary, and would ideally like these individuals to be involved in the co-creation of the CBS.


11. Would you be interested in volunteering with the CBS and/or Food Hub?
and would volunteering in exchange for membership be financially helpful for you? *


12. What special skills do you have that you feel would be useful and that you would like to contribute to this project?


13. Would you be up for member gatherings, and if so, what kind would you be interested in?

This can include, but not limited to: walking, book club, cook ups, sharing circles, workshops, litter picks, guerilla gardening, swimming, camping… *


14. Any other thoughts?

Please speak from your own experience, in first person for this section.

Leave your contact details if you are happy to be contacted regarding your survey :) *

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