ECArTE Conference 2022


1. How did you hear about the conference?


2. What did you most value about the conference? *


3. How Would you rate the conference as a whole? *


4. How did you find the pre-conference organisation?


5. Please evaluate the contents of your conference pack
(Programme booklet etc) *


6. Organisation and Assistance during the conference *


7. Variety of presentation formats
(Papers, performances, posters, masterclasses, workshops) *


8. Overall conference programme and its structure. *


9. Balance between structured time and time for networking. *


10. Location of the conference. *


11. Lunches and refreshments during the conference. *


12. How would you rate the different elements of the programme? *

ExcellentGoodAverageBelow Average
Masterclasses and Panels
Paper Presentations

13. What more would you like from ECArTE conferences? What suggestions do you have for the focus, content and organisation of ECArTE's next conference? In what ways has this ECArTE conference contributed to your professional development? *

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