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1. Introduction
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What are Area Statements?

Natural Resources Wales needs the help of our partners to develop Area Statements.

Area Statements will contain information on:
• The natural resources in each area and the benefits they provide;
• The priorities, risks and opportunities that need to be addressed; and
• What Natural Resources Wales and partners will do to address them.

We want to involve as many partners as we can in this work. This is to ensure that Area Statements provide organisations with exactly what they need to help make decisions which better support the sustainable management of natural resources in their local area.

Area Statements will help organisations to deliver against the Welsh Government’s Natural Resources Policy at a local level. By working together as organisations, Natural Resources Wales and our partners will be able to improve decision making and avoid duplication of work.

How can you get involved?

Natural Resources Wales needs the help of its partners to identify information to inform the development and delivery of Area Statements, such as: the natural resources we have; how we interact with them; what is working well; what we might need from them in the future and; how we might change the ways in which we work together. We also want to keep our partners updated with progress and other opportunities to get involved this, or other aspects of our work.

The following survey will take about two minutes to complete. It will help us to identify what information is relevant and important to you and your organisation.

We will only use this information to get in touch with you about work happening in relation to Area Statements.

When handling your personal information, we promise to:
• protect it appropriately and make sure nobody has access to it who shouldn’t;
• let you know if we need to share it with other organisations to give you better public services, and if you can say no to this;
• consider privacy risks if we plan to use your personal information in new ways;
• only keep it for as long as we need to; and
• not make it available for commercial use (such as marketing) without your permission

With respect to handling personal information please see our Privacy Statement