Being Human 2019 Attendee Age 16+ Feedback


1. Event Details, e.g. Name of Event?


2. How do you rate this event? (choose 1)


3. Before this event had you...

NoYes, in 2019Yes, before 2019Unsure
… been to the venue?
… been to another Being Human festival event?
… visited a museum/ gallery?
… been to an event about university research?
… visited a university for a public event?

4. Before seeing this questionnaire, were you aware the event is part of the Being Human festival? (choose 1)


5. What were your main reasons for attending this event? (choose up to 2)


6. What’s the main thing you’ll take away from this event - anything you learned or now feel about something, any follow up (e.g. visit the Being Human website, say something on social media, go to another event)?


7. How much, if at all, has this event…

Not at allA littleA lotUnsure
… increased your awareness of research in the subject/s covered?
… increased your understanding of the subject/s relevance to everyday life?
… encouraged you to find out more about the subject/s?
…enabled you to share your views about the subject/s at the event?
To help the organisers of Being Human to understand who is coming to the events please answer the following questions, which you may choose not to answer.

8. Approximately how far in distance do you live from the venue for this event?


9. Your age?


10. Your gender?


11. How do you describe your ethnicity?


12. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


13. Have you ever studied a humanities subject (e.g. history, languages, literature, philosophy, archaeology, human geography, law, politics, classics) at any of the following places? (choose all that apply)


You can now choose to be entered into a prize draw for a £100 shopping voucher for an online retailer of your choice. You give your consent for this by providing an email address or phone number, which will be used only to notify the winner and kept separate from your answers. It will not be passed to any third party and will be deleted immediately after the prize draw.