Business Broadband Speeds

Following the implementation of the Suffolk Better Broadband project, we are seeking to identify areas within Mid Suffolk and Babergh that still have issues with Broadband coverage and the impact of those on our businesses. Whilst we do have map based information on the coverage, please do complete the survey below to help inform any investment decision in new broadband infrastructure.
If you have more than one address with broadband provision please complete this survey for each address. 

1. Business Details (required) *


2. Additional Business Details


3. Are you satisfied with your broadband provision?


4. If your answer to Q3 is no, please can you provide any examples of where your limited broadband provision causes difficulties for your business? For example; Processing electronic payments, sharing large files etc


5. Who is your current broadband provider?


6. Is your broadband... (please select one)


7. What type of broadband connection do you have (select one)


8. What is your approximate monthly internet costs (in £)?

For the next question please test your broadband speed online here .

9. From the above test, what is your actual speed (in MB/s)?


10. What time of day did you test it?


11. Is your broadband connection reliable?


12. Is broadband a significant requirement for your business?


13. Is your broadband adequate for your business needs now?


14. Will your current broadband support the future growth and need of your business?


15. Have you investigated improving your broadband provision?


16. If answer to Q14 is Yes, what was required and what would the additional cost to your business be?


17. Please add any comments or details you think would be helpful in the box below