Consultation: BMSDC Homelessness Reduction Strategy 2019 -2024

Purpose of the consultation

Babergh and Suffolk Councils are preparing a 'Homelessness Reduction Strategy 2019 -2024'.

Working with key stakeholders from the outset we have produced a draft strategy which we would welcome your feedback on.

The strategy will be amended in light of feedback received, and prepared for adoption by both Full Councils in February 2019.

A summary of feedback consultation will be posted on the Housing Strategy webpages during January 2019.

To read the Strategy visit our website.

1. If you are responding as a town or parish council you may wish to tell us in which district you are based.


2. How do you rate the 'Homelessness Reduction Strategy' overall?


3. How do you rate the five elements of the Homelessness Reduction Vision (p.3)


4. Do you think the strategy and plans will achieve the required changes?


5. Are there any elements you feel are missing?


6. If you could change one element of the draft strategy, what would it be and why?


7. If you wish to, please add anonymously any other comments here about the 'Homelessness Reduction Strategy'. We are unable to respond to you directly, however all comments will be considered and reported on in due course.