SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile

1. SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile

To celebrate Lancashire Day on the 27th November 2020, we are encouraging schools to log a Mile of physical activity from the 23rd-27th November. Whether you run, skip, hop, cycle or any other way imaginable to complete a mile, we want people to go outdoors and complete a mile of activity in your local area.

We also want parents, carers, grandparents, local residents of schools and anyone else to complete a mile and log the mile completed to a school that they have links to. Each school or individual that logs a mile of activity will be worth one entry into a prize draw to win £400 of funding to improve the physical activity at their chosen school. The more people who log hours associated to a school will give that school more chance of winning the prize draw. 

Funding can be used to purchase equipment, map an orienteering route or can be used in another way to ensure young people remain active. By completing the short form and logging a mile, we can see how many people have completed the SPAR Lancashire School Games Active Mile. 

Miles logged before the 23rd November of after the 27th November will not receive entries into the prize draw!

Please don't log more than 1 mile a day!

If you have any further questions please contact Dominic Holroyd at 

Data Management and Information Sharing

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018, Active Lancashire is the Data Controller in respect of information processed which relates to your participation in this survey. These details will be stored securely and retained for a period of up to 2 years, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018. This survey is private and confidential and any information you give will be anonymous and unidentifiable in future reports and publications. All responses will be compiled by Active Lancashire.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Dominic Holroyd at 


1. Name of person that has completed the mile? Or the representative from the school logging the pupil miles (bursar, teacher, PE lead) *