Cambridgeshire ACRE Questionnaire

1. Your feedback to Cambridgeshire ACRE

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about Cambridgeshire ACRE.


As our new Chief Executive, Hayley Neal, is committed to understanding and improving our services, your insights are invaluable. This questionnaire is designed to gather feedback on your experience with Cambridgeshire ACRE and to help Hayley understand what we do well and where we can improve. 


Please give your honest and open opinions and suggestions. Your responses will remain confidential and will directly inform our future strategy. 


1. How are you connected to Cambridgeshire ACRE? *


2. How would you rate the work completed by Cambridgeshire ACRE?


3. How likely are you to recommend Cambridgeshire ACRE to others?


4. What do you think Cambridgeshire ACRE does really well?


5. Can you please describe a positive experience you have had with Cambridgeshire ACRE?


6. Are there any other services you would like to see Cambridgeshire ACRE deliver?


7. How do you think Cambridgeshire ACRE could improve?


8. Do you have any advice for Hayley, the new Chief Executive of Cambridgeshire ACRE?