Wales Primary Care CAMHS Stakeholder Questionnaire (Live)


1. Welsh Primary Care CAMHS Stakeholder Analysis
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Please complete the following questionnaire regarding your organisations relationship to your Primary Care CAMHS service. If you are involved with more than one Health Board please complete a separate survey for each Health Board. If you have any questions or any further comments not captured by this questionnaire please contact the Wales CAMHS/ED Network

Any of your answers may be used in the final report that is produced by the Wales CAMHS/ED Network in collaboration with the NHS Delivery Unit expected to be May 2019. Please contact the Wales CAMHS/ED Network if you would like to remove your answers and prevent them from being used in any report. Please note that if the report has already been published it will be in the public domain and so the Wales CAMHS/ED Network will be unable to remove your comments.

If you provide an email address this will be deleted by December 2019 to ensure we are able to contact you if required to clarify any of the answers you provide.

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