Waste Carriers, Brokers, and Dealers Survey 2024


Future changes to regulations affecting how you transport, broker and deal with waste


The Environment Agency is working to ensure any changes to the design of future waste regulation works better for you. In 2022 we conducted a survey which was critical in this development. We are following this up with a new 2024 survey to provide greater insight into how we structure the new permit system for you our customers, and the waste industry. 


You are invited to take part in a voluntary survey. This should take no more than three minutes to complete, which will help us design the best service for our customers.  

We would appreciate your feedback as soon as possible as we will be looking to close submissions by 5pm on Sunday 25th February 2024.


Your responses are anonymous and confidential. This survey has been created to ensure that any answers provided cannot be linked back to any registrations that you hold. 


The privacy policy for this survey is available to view here


A public consultation on the reform of the waste carrier, broker, dealer registration system closed in April 2022. Responses from this consultation can be viewed at GOV.UK.

Thank you for your time.