Recording Suffolk's VE Day and VJ Day memories

75 years ago Britain celebrated the end of the Second World War. Can you help us add to our records of how Suffolk celebrated?

Who is this survey for?
  • Anyone who experienced VE Day or VJ Day in Suffolk 1945 themselves
  • Anyone who is filling in the survey on behalf of someone who experienced VE Day or VJ Day 1945 in Suffolk
  • Anyone sharing memories of family or friends of VE Day or VJ Day1945 that have been passed on

Who are we? 
Suffolk Archives collects, preserves, and shares 900 years’ worth of Suffolk’s history, captured through thousands of documents. We help people to discover the past through our collections, which are held in our branches in Bury St. Edmunds, Lowestoft and Ipswich. Our team of staff and volunteers work to look after Suffolk’s nationally and internationally significant archives. 
You can find out more on our website and through our social media pages on Twitter: @keytothepast, and Facebook: @suffolkarchives 

1. Are you sharing your own memories, or memories shared with you by a family member or friend?