Apply for an exam procedure review from Ofqual


Notes on completing this form


Making an application

  1. We will only consider applications for GCSEs, AS levels, A levels, Technical Qualifications, Project and Principal learning qualifications awarded in England.
  2. Applications must be made by the school or college unless you are a private candidate, in which case the candidate must apply.
  3. We will only consider your application if you have completed the exam board's appeals process.
  4. Your application must be made within 3 weeks of the exam board's final decision.

Grounds for review

A review will only succeed where it appears to the review panel that the exam board has failed to either:

  • follow its own procedures
  • comply with Ofqual's regulations

A review panel will only be convened where there is a real possibility that the exam board failed to follow its procedures or Ofqual's regulations.

Your information

The information you supply will be processed by us and only used to progress your application to appeal an exam board’s decision.

Where this is necessary, please confirm your consent for your details to be shared with the exam board


We may, on occasion, need to refer your application to another agency or third party, if this is the case, we will contact you again to ask for your express consent before doing so.

If you need clarification or assistance with this form, please contact the Ofqual helpdesk on 0300 303 3346 or by email


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