Basic Settings iPad workshop - 10 November

Make it work for you iPad workshop - Basic Settings
Date: Wednesday 10 November
Time: 10.30am - 11.30am

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The information you give us in the questionnaire may be passed to our trainer so that your needs can be reviewed before the training session.  We may also provide the trainer with information on the number of children in your household and their age(s) so that they may customise the training to your family’s specific needs. Your contact details will not be passed on to anyone else, although we may use the information that you provide anonymously for research and ongoing training purposes. To find out more about how we use your information, read our privacy policy or call us on 01904 550066 to request a copy.

By submitting this form you are consenting to Family Fund using your personal data to organise the training as described above.  You may remove or amend your consent at any point by emailing or calling 01904 550066.