Tell us your experience of care and nursing homes in Enfield during the Coronavirus outbreak


1. All your personal information is treated confidentially and anonymous in reports, in line with data protection laws. What this means is we keep it under lock and key, we won’t share your personal details with anyone else, and we get rid of them when we’re done. Are you happy for the information you give us to be stored and used this way? *


2. Are you: *


3. When did you/your relative/friend move to the home?


4. Where did you/they move from?


5. Is this a permanent move?


6. What information have you been given about how the care/nursing home is managing during the Coronavirus outbreak and the measures being taken to keep you/your relative/friend safe and well?


7. Was the information you received helpful and easy to understand?


8. Have you been informed whether there was, or is, an outbreak in the residential/nursing home?


9. Have you been given enough support to cope with the impact of the Coronavirus on your wellbeing/the wellbeing of your friend /relative?


10. Have you/your relative/friend had Coronavirus whilst in the Home?


11. Have you/your relative/friend been unwell with non-Coronavirus related health problems whilst in the Home?


12. Did you/they get the treatment and support needed?


13. Were you kept informed about your treatment plan/their treatment plan and the condition of your friend/relative?


14. How has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your/your relative/friend’s daily life, activities and wellbeing?


15. Has the Coronavirus outbreak affected your/your relative/friend’s access to routine healthcare?


16. Do you feel you are able to keep in touch with your relatives/friends in a way that works for both of you?


17. Over the last few months, the NHS have put in place more support to help care/nursing homes. Were you aware of this?


18. Either way, have you seen any improvements in how you/your relative/friend is being cared for in the last month or so?


19. If there were one thing the care/nursing home could improve on to support you or your relative/friend better, what would this be?


20. Do you have any other comments?


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22. Please help us learn a little bit more about you.

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23. How old are you?


24. What is your ethnic origin?

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  • Other ethnic group

25. Do you identify as:


26. Do you consider yourself disabled?


27. Are you a carer?


28. Which religion, if any, do you follow:


29. What are the first three letters of your postcode? (e.g. EN4)