Census 2021 Public Engagement Fund


1. Name of Primary Contact *


2. Email Address *


3. Research Organisation *


4. Project Title (max 20 words) *


5. Project summary (max 300 words)

Give an outline of your project, explaining how your research is explored through this project and including a summary of the project’s aims, activities, target audience, project partners (if any) and intended outcomes and potential impact.
The assessors are looking for projects that can achieve one or more of the following:
  • Inspire and engage the public in the census
  • Demonstrate creative and innovative approaches to public engagement


6. Personal eligibility (max 150 words)
Briefly describe your current employment or education situation, whether you belong to a project team (if so, please outline team-members), and which partner(s) (if any) you intend to work with on your project.



7. Topic eligibility
Select the primary focus of your current research activity within the list of AHRC disciplines and/or ESRC disciplines
Your research could involve bringing together arts and humanities research with other non-AHRC funded disciplines, e.g. economic and social science research. Choose the subject discipline(s) that best describe(s) your research.


8. Please input the total expenditure for your project (up to £10,000).
Provide an itemized budget breakdown in the text box below.


9. Describe your outputs (public engagement activity) (max 250 words)
Describe your public engagement activity, listing costs against activity.
The assessors are particularly looking for:
  • Creative and innovative public engagement methods
  • Well-planned and achievable activities, that represent good value for money


10. Describe the public audience(s) you intend to engage (max 250 words)
Who is your target public audience(s)? Explain how you have identified them, why you want to engage with them and how this project will benefit them. Tell us how you plan to make this activity accessible and how you will overcome potential difficulties in engaging this group during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The assessors are particularly looking for:
  • Evidence of specific and well-targeted audience(s)
  • Demonstration of relevance and benefit of activity to chosen audience(s)
  • Understanding of potential barriers to access for audience(s) and plan of how to remove barriers


11. Describe your project outcomes and methods for evaluation (max 250 words)
Tell us how your project will make a change to the public audience(s) it engages with, and how you will evaluate its effectiveness.
The assessors are particularly looking for:
  • Clear outcomes
  • Appropriate evaluation methods

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