Collections Workshops for 23/24

Help shape our Collections programme

SumnerMcIntyre (Ann Sumner and Beth McIntyre) are the West Midlands Museum Development (WMMD) Collections Advisors for the 23/24 Collections programme.

Ann, Beth and WMMD are keen to hear your feedback on the proposed programme. Your response will help us finalise the workshop programme and ensure our training supports your collections priorities and ambitions.

Please complete the survey by 5pm, Friday 16 June

1. Following an initial consultation, Ann and Beth have identified three emerging overarching themes for the 23/24 Collections programme.

Please select the theme you are most interested in:


2. Theme 1: Community Consultation and Co-curation

Which of the following three potential workshops to support Community Consultation and Co-curation would be most beneficial to you? *


3. Theme 2: Contemporary Issues in Collections Research

From the list below, select one topic where training would most support your collections research:


4. Theme 3: Upskilling - Sustainable Collections Care

Ann and Beth plan to deliver in person collections care workshops on how to create more environmentally friendly displays, and caring for specialist collections (including assessing conditions, object marking and labelling, managing bugs, pests and mould in a greener way, and storage).

Which of the two specialist collections is most relevant to your museum:


5. Subject Specialist Networks

Subject Specialist Networks (SSNs) support the development, use and wider understanding of collections by sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources with people working with collections.

Some SSNs are funded through Arts Council England (ACE), listed on their website, though there are other networks in the UK who do not receive ACE funding.

Would you be interested in a two hour online training session about how to access and make the most of SSNs?



6. Workshop Delivery

WMMD continues to use a hybrid delivery model, offering a mix of online and in person workshops and training opportunities.

Generally speaking, do you prefer online or in person training?


7. Please use the text box below to add additional comments or let us know any of your collections priorities and any specific partnership projects you are developing which support Collections research.


8. Ann and Beth are happy to support you with collections queries and provide advice on collections management, care and development. Please email them at with your collections queries or to request a chat. *