Cromer Hospital Macmillan Cancer Support Centre


1. Are you a: *


2. Now there is a Macmillan Information and Support Centre for people affected by cancer in North Norfolk at the Cromer Hospital, do you think you will use it? *


3. Which services might you be interested in using, if available.

Not likelySomewhat likelyLikelyVery likely
Wig/Hair Care/scarf and turban care
Skin Care (Look Good Feel Better, No 7 Boots Macmillan beauty advisors)
Complementary therapies (e.g. Massage, Reflexology)
Gentle Exercise (e.g. Yoga, Pilates, walking groups)
Coffee and chat groups for people with cancer
Coffee and chat groups for carers / family / friends of people with cancer
Coffee and chat groups for both people with cancer and carers, family, friends
Information classes on diet
Information classes on exercise
Information on what to expect from treatment for cancer, side effects, and recovery
Support with money

4. Please share anything else you would like to see offered at the Centre which was not listed in the previous question.