Digital Intelligence and Investigations 2021

Digital Intelligence and Investigations 2021

1. About you and this survey

This survey is intended to gather anonymous information about frontline staff and officers' contact with the public and the digital world. 
For the purpose of this survey our definition of frontline is fairly simple: if you have contact with members of the public, you are frontline.  Digital has the broadest possible definition in this survey; it includes giving advice on, gathering, seizing and/or securing evidence from information communication technology sources (such as computers, mobile telephones, tablets or routers) which generate, store and/or process data.  It includes any identified digital element of an intelligence gathering and/or investigation process that presents an opportunity to improve outcomes. 
The survey is split into specific sections reflecting already identified general themes where we think we can do better. Please take this opportunity to have your say. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes of your time.

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