#allnightgong 2023 Spring Equinox


1. How did you hear about the event?


2. Did you travel from outside the Southend area?
If so; how far did you travel and by what means?


3. Was sufficient information provided prior to the event (location, what to wear, bring, arrival time etc.)?


4. Event length: Was it about right? Too long / too short?

Please add any suggestions that could help us bring a better experience to future events.


5. Please rate how highly you would recommend the experience to a friend? 5 = Highly recommend 1 = Stay at home.


6. Please share your experience of the #allnightgong in your own words:


7. Was there anything that you feel that could be improved upon?


8. Would a weekend Gong campout, with tailored yoga and traditional meditation programmes event be of interest?


9. Please state your Name. Also a contact email if you would like to be informed of future events (the information will not be shared).

Comments may be used to promote future events but Not your personal details.
Please state if you would prefer to keep your feedback private.

Thank you for completing the survey.

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