Naloxone Anecdotes.

1. Naloxone Qualitative

Anecdotes about Naloxone. This is to collate your stories about the life-saving nature and usefulness of naloxone. We recognise that sometimes numbers aren't effective in painting a picture and in convincing people to change their minds. That is why we need your stories. We will use these stories to spread the work and myth bust about the usefulness of naloxone and it's life-saving potential on our communities.

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5. The nature of your story could involve highly confidential information.

Could you please do your best to anonymise the data that you provide in the anecdote.

This will require you to not mention any names or revel any person's personal information.

Of course any information that you do provide will be anonymised and censured by the survey manager before distribution.

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6. Have you ever used naloxone/ seen it being used?


Please use this space to tell us about your naloxone related story.
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7. Do you have any other naloxone related stories you would like to share with us?
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8. We would like to run a series of focus groups to learn more about your story and to learn more about how naloxone is saving lives in East Ayrshire.
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9. We appreciate that you might not want to write your story and sumbit via this survey.

If this is the case would you agree to a brief interview?
Your comments and story would then be transcribed and shared with your approval.


10. The ADP would like to use this information to promote naloxone to key stakeholders in the local community.
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