ELC & OOSC Consultation


1. Introduction

In communities across Glasgow, there’s a variety of different services available, from a range of different providers, to support children and families with their individual circumstances. 
Over the next year, towards August 2020, Glasgow City Council will be increasing the amount of funded hours that children aged 3 and 4, and some 2 year olds, can access in nurseries across the city, moving from the current 600 funded hours to a total of 1140 funded hours. 
This increased offer, funded by the Scottish Government, will ensure that families can access a high quality service that is flexible, affordable and accessible to ensure that children across Glasgow can have the best start in life.
In addition, more and more families across the city are accessing out of school care services for primary school aged children, supporting their individual circumstances, whether that be to support work, study or care responsibilities.  Whilst the Council doesn’t run these services directly, as we do with much of the city’s nursery provision, we want to make sure that families can access suitable services.
With more families now using both of these services, we want to find out about your experiences:  what works and what would you like to see us look at to ensure these services can work for you. 

The responses to this consultation will help inform the development of services as we move forward with introducing the increased funded hours available at nursery and work alongside out of school care providers to help them provide services in communities across the city.  Please take the time to fill in the short survey and tell us about your experiences.