SCA Education Coaching Programme 2019

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3. Please give a brief description of your project or activity and your intended audience (150-200 words). *


4. Describe the assistance you would require for this project or activity (150-200) Please be as specific as possible, e.g. assistance in using audio or visual recording equipment, help in identifying viable sources to create education activities. *


5. Please indicate who within your service will be involved in the development and delivery of your project. *


6. Beyond the three days of support offered by SCA, please explain how you will ensure the delivery of your project. (150-200 words) *


7. Please describe the outcomes for this project or activity by explaining the difference it would make to your service and intended audience. (150-200 words) *


8. Briefly describe how you plan to evaluate your project or activity (150-200) E.g. gathering feedback from workshop participants, collecting quotes, participant numbers, images *


9. If you are successful in your application, please confirm that you will agree to submit a short case study to SCA at the conclusion of your project. *

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