We are planning a festival one day, maybe two, in September, to celebrate 10 years and nearly 50 books, and we'd like your input. Tell us your favourite story from each of our books of poems (that you've read, obviously!)
there are LOADS to choose from.
Not read them all yet? You can buy a copy from us. There will be monthly deals on different books in the run up to September, and a prize draw which you can join in with, to win a selection of books, if you give your email! You'll need to do this on one of the other surveys we have too many poetry books to include the email Q here - there  need to be several versions of this survey as we are using a free one and can only have 15 questions... so this one is books with Poems ONLY.

1. My Favourite poem from Erratics is:


2. My favourite poem from A470 is


3. My favourite poem from The Other Side of Sleep is


4. My favourite poem from Vindication is


5. My Favourite poem from The Don't Touch Garden is


6. My Favourite poem in A Gift of Rivers is


7. My favourite poem from A Voice Coming From Then is


8. My Favourite Poem from In Retail is


9. My Favourite poem from Let Out the Djinn is


10. My Favourite poem from Foraging is


11. My Favouite poem from Mamiaith is


12. My Favourite poem from The Knotsman is


13. My Favourite Poem from This Poem Here is


14. My Favourite Poem from With Paper for Feet is


15. My Favourite poem from The Significance of A Dress is

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