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The Togcast - Listener Survey (10 Quick Questions)


1. Podcast Frequency, Length + Guests
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We're interested in your opinion on certain elements of the show...
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1. Currently we release an episode every two weeks. How would you feel if we released an episode every week instead? *

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2. Our interviews normally last between 40-50 mins. How do you feel about that? *

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3. So far we have concentrated mostly on Landscape Photographers. There's a whole world of photography out there we could also get in to; Photojournalism, Documentary, Sports, Wildlife, Fine Art. How would you feel about that? *

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4. We've always tried to mix up the guests between 'big name' or 'well known' alongside some people whose work may be lesser known but we feel is interesting or they have a great story. Do you like the mix? Or would you like us to change it up? *

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5. We'd like to devote some more time to new content for all of you. What would you most like to see from us? Pick your top 2 or 3 preferences *

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