GCRF Urgency Call


Expression of Interest for AHRC GCRF Urgency Grants.
One of the objectives of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is to enable an agile response to emergencies.
In some cases UKRI / GCRF delivery partners may issue targeted calls in response to specific emergencies. Where no such call has been issued, the AHRC urgency grants mechanism is intended to provide an open, responsive mechanism for arts and humanities researchers to respond in an agile way to unanticipated urgent research needs and opportunities which meet a development need or challenge and/or have the potential to support low or middle income countries to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Please note, if we do not consider your EOI to be urgent, you will be directed to another appropriate call. 

Where appropriate in the survey bullets points are acceptable.


1. PI Details:
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6. PI Details:
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7. Please tick any previous relevant funding received from the below funding organisations/routes *


8. Short Biography (max. 300 words) *


9. Project Title *


10. Intended start date: *


11. Length of Project (Number of Months) *


12. Estimated Requested Amount: *


13. Remit

Please describe the arts and humanities research literature, methodologies, context and concepts or approaches and include significant research expertise within the remit of the AHRC. (max 300 words) *


14. Urgency Case

Please summarise how the proposal fits the criteria for consideration under the urgency scheme. In particular, why the research needs to be done within specified time constraints and could not be supported through other funding routes. (max 500 words) *


15. ODA Eligibilty

The ODA Compliance Statement needs to cover 3 areas:

1. Which country/ countries on the DAC list will directly benefit from this proposal and are these countries likely to continue to be ODA eligible for the duration of the research?
2. How is your proposal directly and primarily relevant to the development challenges of these countries?
3. How do you expect that the outcome of your proposed activities will promote the economic development and welfare of a country or countries on the DAC list?

Please summarise how the project will meet these requirements. (max 300 words) *


16. People, Partnerships and Structure

Please explain why the individuals/ organisations / partners involved are the most appropriate for undertaking the proposed activities, how the project will support equitable partnership ways of working, and where relevant capability development and support for any early career researchers involved, including proposed management arrangements and roles. (max 350 words) *


17. Outcomes

Please outline the intended research outputs/outcomes of your project, together with a plan for sustainability and legacy, including the contribution the outcomes will make to development. (max 300 words) *


18. Feasibility

Please indicate any barriers or obstacles that you may anticipate in relation to your project. A more in depth statement will be required in the full application. (max 300 words) *

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