Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow Neighbourhood Plan, Regulation 14 Consultation

1. Background to this Pre-Submission (Regulation 14) Consultation

The Neighbourhood Plan or Plan is moving towards completion but still needs your input. A six-week public consultation begins on 20th May and ends on 19th July  2021. The plan is being produced by a steering group of community representatives from all three parishes and includes the contributions of those visiting workshops and exhibitions over the last three years, alongside the group’s own research and investigation. The draft plan is now ready for the minimum six-week formal public consultation as required by the regulations. We recommend you view the plan online at before responding to the following questions.

Once the consultation period is closed, the steering group will gather together all the comments received and produce an official consultation statement, listing all the views and opinions submitted, and setting out how the plan is to be amended as a result.

The revised Neighbourhood Plan will then be formally submitted to the South Hams District Council, the local planning authority. Following a successful independent examination and referendum , the Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow  Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory planning document and will be used to guide developments across the plan area until 2034.

Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow  Councils and the Steering Group thank-you for taking the time to contribute your views.

1. Please leave your name, post code and email address. This is compulsory, however information will be redacted in published responses to respect your privacy and the General Data Protection (GDPR) policies of the Councils. *


2. The Neighbourhood Plan area covers the Parishes of Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow.

Which Parish do you live or work in?


3. Which of the following statements applies to you?


4. Which parts of the Neighbourhood Plan do you like and please explain why?


5. Which parts of the Plan do you think could be improved and please explain why?


6. Please provide any specific comments you would like to make against each policy in the Plan.Could you please quote the paragraph or policy numbers in your response.


7. Are there any policies included in the Plan that you do not support? Please explain why and quote the policy number.


8. Are there any further comments you would like to make on the Plan?


9. Which of the following statements do you agree with?

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