The NHS England Diabetes Programme: Public Consultation Questions for Diabetes Prevention Programme


1. Please choose from one of the following options about the NHS England Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP)


2. What do you think about the proposals to offer the service remotely to those who would prefer it?


3. Would you be more likely to join the programme if:


4. What are the reasons for your choice in question 3 and would your choice make you more likely to complete the 9-12 month programme?


5. Are there any parts of the programme you feel should always be delivered in-person?


6. How important do you think it is to have a choice between in-person or remote diabetes prevention services?


7. If a range of options were available, what information or support would you need to be able to understand the different choices, and to decide what is best for you?


8. What can we do to make the programme easier to access for all; regardless of an individual’s ethnic background, age, gender, physical ability, or any other factors?


9. How did you hear about this consultation and survey?