HSLG membership application


1. Are you a current member of the Library Association of Ireland? *


2. Do you agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the HSLG? (found at https://hslg.ie/about/membership/) *


3. Please enter your details (if you are a student, unemployed or retired please enter this under institution/affiliation) *

Privacy statement
The information you provide on this form will be kept in our smartsurvey account and in the HSLG membership database. The HSLG committee will use this information as a record of your application and membership, to communicate to you about the work of the committee, and to notify you about upcoming events. As HSLG members must be current members of the Library Association of Ireland, we may request the LAI to confirm membership. We will not share your details with third parties. You have the right to request access to your personal details and to request that they are updated or removed. For our full privacy statement please see https://hslg.ie/about/privacy-policy/. If any of the information provided changes please contact us at contacthslg@gmail.com.
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