Community Cosultation Questionnaire language selection

1. Select a language

Thank you for your interest in this questionnaire to inform the design of a new UK-wide third-party hate crime reporting service for East and Southeast Asian communities including Hong Kong BN(O) status holders.

In which language would you prefer to complete this questionnaire? If you are able and comfortable doing so, we would ask you to complete the questionnaire in English.

- I would like to complete this survey in English

- 我想用简体中文完成这项调查

- 我想用繁體中文完成這項調查

- 설문에 한국어로 응답하겠습니다.

- ฉันต้องการทำแบบสอบถามนี้เป็นภาษาไทย

- Tôi muốn hoàn thành bản khảo sát này bằng tiếng Việt

- 日本語

- Saya ingin melengkapkan soal selidik ini dalam bahasa Melayu

- Nais kong sagutan ito sa wikang Tagalog