Housing Development Training Provider Survey


1. Introduction

About the survey

Campbell Tickell (CT) has been commissioned by Future of London (FoL) to map existing housing development skills programmes across London, as well as to identify any gaps in this landscape. This forms part of a pan-London skills mapping project commissioned by the London Borough of Islington on behalf of the London Housing Directors Group and the North London Housing Partnership, supported by London Councils. 

To achieve this, CT is surveying housing development training providers, institutes and universities who target public-sector practitioners working in London’s boroughs. In some cases we will be conducting short follow-up phone interviews to fully understand provider programmes and training gaps.

The survey will take 15 to 20 minutes. It is open up to and including 19 February. We really appreciate your help.

About your data

CT and FoL’s research teams hold sole access to the full survey responses. If you provide personal contact information, it will only be used in relation to the survey and follow-up interviews. Personal contact information will not be distributed outside of CT and FoL.

Survey results (excluding personal contact info) will be shared with London Councils.

For queries or more information about the survey, project, or your data, please contact Mia Rafalowicz-Campbell (mia@campbelltickell.com).
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