Winter Flooding 2020/21

1. Winter Flooding 2021/21

Following the bad weather last winter we are collecting data about any flooding experienced.

As well as helping us to understand more about which areas were affected, the information provided will be used to:
• Develop future schemes to reduce the risk of flooding
• Make improvements to our flood warning service
• Work with partners to respond to flooding
• Verify and update our flood mapping
• Help inform our response to planning applications and flood defence consents

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, but we hope you feel able to complete this survey to enable us to improve our work in supporting communities that experience flooding.

Information regarding the survey
Privacy notice: how we use your personal data
We collect data relating to incidences of flooding.
Our personal information charter ( explains how we deal with your personal information.
The personal data we need
The personal data we collect about you includes:
  • full name
  • contact details including addresses, emails and phone numbers
  • information about your property
We are allowed to process your personal data to carry out a task in the public interest.

What we do with your personal data
We will use the information you share with us to map this flood event and further develop our flood maps. In turn, this will inform decisions about how we manage flood risk in the future and improve how we work with our partners to respond to flooding.
We may need to share your information with our flood Risk Management Authority (RMAs) partners under the Floods and Water Management Act (2010). RMAs include county and borough level councils. This is so they can respond to any queries you raise which maybe under their remit and to enable us to work together to manage flood risk.
How long we keep your personal data
We will keep your personal data (name and contact details) for 2 years and then they will be removed from the record of flooding.
Further information on the property, which could be considered personal data; such as house number and any comments you have made, will be kept for 20 years and then removed. We will take every step to anonymise this data, but some of your comments and views could identify you from the data.


1. Experience of recent flooding

In this section, we would like to ask you more about how you were affected by the recent flooding. This information will be used to help us to know the extent of the flooding and enable us to improve the Flood Warning Service

Has your property, garden or access been affected by flooding during winter 2020/21?


2. Please can you provide the address of the property affected by flooding:


3. Property Type


4. What areas were flooded? Tick all that apply


5. How did water enter the property?


6. How deep was the water?


7. When did water enter your garden/grounds?


8. When did the water enter the property?


9. When did the water level peak?


10. When did the water level recede?


11. Do you know the source of the flooding? Tick all that apply


12. Did you get any help from any of the following? Tick all that apply