Ancestral Tourism Engagement Survey

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1. Where is the location of your archive?


2. What kinds of records/ documents are contained in your archive that could be useful for ancestral research/ family history?


3. Do you already frequently engage with ancestral tourists in your archive?


4. Have you measured or been asked to determine the economic impact of ancestral tourism in relation to your service?


5. Which of the following visitors have you encountered?


6. Do you offer online access to records?


7. How strongly do you agree with this statement: We feel equipped to interact with ancestral tourism.


8. What do you feel are the main challenges/ opportunities in interacting with ancestral tourism?


9. Do you feel as though you would benefit from guidance on how to engage with a wider/ international audience through a digital platform?


10. Are there any digital guides/ resources that you think your archives could benefit from to support engagement with ancestral tourism?


11. Would you be interested in attending a Webinar on the opportunities and challenges that archivists face when engaging with ancestral tourism?


12. If you are happy to be contacted with more specific questions regarding your answers, please feel free to leave your email address below.