Apply for a memorial on NRW managed land


1. Memorials

This form is for memorials or commemorative benches on Natural Resources Wales managed land.

Benches can only be sited at a limited and specific number of locations on our land that are good viewpoints or obvious resting places following discussion with and the written consent of Natural Resources Wales.

Please provide some basic information about the person, people or event to be commemorated, and the preferred woodland location.

Bench sites may only ever be accessed on foot – vehicle access will not be permitted. Should your chosen site already have one or more memorial benches in situ, no further installations will be possible in that particular location.
Natural Resources Wales will take all reasonable care of benches during their lifetime - benches can last in reasonable condition for up to 10 years depending on local conditions. However, we will not be responsible for their replacement in the event of fire, theft or accidental damage or if their condition deteriorates in any way and they become unsafe. If and when this happens, benches will be removed. As some of the woodlands we manage are actively managed, it may sometimes be necessary to re-site benches to accommodate forest operations. We will do our best to notify sponsors using the contact details we hold should benches be removed or re-sited.

Please contact Natural Resources Wales (opens in new tab) about potential sites and likely cost.