Ipswich Northern Route Consultation

1. About you and how you travel

This questionnaire has been developed for the Ipswich Northern Routes consultation. It aims to ascertain stakeholders views on the need for the project and present route options. It will be supported by a consultation leaflet and consultation events

1. How did you hear about this consultation?


2. Thinking of your main journeys this week please tell us which method of transport you used.

Car/vanMotorbikeBusTrainBicycle/ scooterWalkingOther (refer to box below)Not applicable
To/from work
To/from education
To visit friends/ family
Business trips

3. Please tell us the destination or area you are travelling to, if possible with the post code.

From (please provide your postcode)To destination/area/postcode (please provide as many as applicable)
Visiting friends/ family
Business trips

4. Please tell us your opinion of the journeys you have completed in Q2 and Q3 above.