Junior Doctors Awards 2021

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Thank you for taking time to nominate your colleagues for the CHFT's Junior Doctors' Awards. All doctors in training (FY1,FY2. CT1-CT3, IMT1, ST1-ST8, GPST, ACCS etc) and all doctors in non-training grades working at junior doctors level (FY3, WAST. MT1, Trust Doctor at junior doctor level) can be nominated for any award (with the obvious exception of the Junior Doctors' Award - Best Supervisor category.)
You may nominate as many doctors as you wish, or the same doctor for more than one category, but you need to fill in a separate forms for each nomination. There is a link at the end of the survey that enables you to do this. Please do not nominate yourself and remember that the deadline for nominations is Friday 23rd April 2021

The categories are:
  1. Excellence in Clinical Leadership - Judges will be looking for a strong leadership ethos with emphasis on personal development through innovative practice. Evidence of commitment and enthusiasm for quality imprivement and working to support Trust strategies is also desirable.
  2. Compassionate Care Award - Judges will be looking for examples of doctors who view the patient as the heart of the healthcare demonstrating this through their working practices.
  3. Excellence in Research, Audit and Quality Improvement - showing application of research to improve patient outcomes and transform practice.
  4. Going above and beyond - Junior doctors who go the extra mile for their colleagues and patients.
  5. Excellence in Medical Education - Using innovative ways of delivering medical education and commitment to teaching and an enthusiasm for sharing best practice.
  6. Junior Doctors' Award - Best Supervisor - A supervisor who provides support, encouragement and empowers junior doctors to learn and facilitates career development and academic achievement. A good team player, a supervisor who leads by example.

1. Choose one category from the list below and give the name, grade and speciality of the junior doctor you wish to nominate in the box below.