KE Post Event Delivery Support

ICMS has funding to support activities post KE event delivery.   It is suggested, applicants discuss plans with ICMS KE (Dawn Wasley in advance of submitting a proposal to ensure the activity is allowable within the terms of reference of this funding.  It is assumed industrial partners will cover their own expenses.

Privacy Policy
This information will be shared between  ICMS and VKEMS partners (where appropriate) for evaluation purposes. 
Your details will be handled in-line with the ICMS Privacy Policy, which is available to read here

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5. Which event does this application relate to, please provide title and dates.


6. What type of expense will the funding cover?


7. What will the deliverable from this funding be? When will it be delivered? *


8. How will this funding, enhance the output from the original event. *


9. If you require any additional support from ICMS please identify it here.


10. If your funding request is greater than £5K a proposal document is required. Please add you proposal document here (pdf or word expected)

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11. If you have any questions relating to this application, please list them here and an ICMS member of staff will respond to you.