ESRC student experience survey 2019

1. Introduction

This survey is for ESRC Funded students in Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) only. Please do not complete if you are not funded by ESRC or have not been funded through a DTP.

ESRC recognise that the student voice is an important factor in monitoring our doctoral training investments.  This survey asks about your experiences of your studentship and is organised in to the following sections:
  • Student details
  • Supervisory arrangements
  • Training and Development
  • Additional Opportunities
  • DTP Support
  • Collaborative / Interdisciplinary Activities
  • Cohort building
  • Facilities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Future Aspirations 
Your responses will be combined with those of others to help inform both ESRC and your Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) / institution about the experience of postgraduate researchers, helping to improve future support.
We have reviewed the feedback received as part of the first round of the survey and have amended the timing of the survey so that students are now completing this later in the academic year.  We appreciate that you will have already been asked to complete this at the very early stages of your studies and may not have been familiar with all of the areas, therefore we hope you would now be in a better position to engage with the survey, having been part of your DTP for at least the last nine months.
Many thanks for your participation.
Notes for completion 

Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

If a question does not apply to you, or you cannot offer any opinion on it, then please leave blank or mark “Not applicable”. The questionnaire should take around 15 minutes to complete. When you arrive at the final 'thank you' page, you will know that your responses have been recorded on our database. 

Please do not identify yourself or other individuals (including staff) in your comments. If you have a complaint or need support with any of the issues raised within the survey, please contact your institution.