Kernow Connect Referral Form

1. Action for Children Kernow Connect

To access support, the young person must be ready, willing and able to engage in our service. If this is not the case, we will be unable to complete support at that time, however please resubmit a referral once the young person feels ready to engage. 

Kernow Connect Service Criteria: 
Well-being Practitioners (Low-Intensity and High-Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Referrals:  
This support is for young people experiencing anxiety, low-mood or behavioural difficulties, alongside potential risks of suicidal thoughts and self-harm actions.  
This does NOT include trauma support, bereavement or suicidal plans and/or actions.  

We are now providing High-Intensity CBT for a small number of cases, if deemed suitable, we will offer that service by contacting you directly.

Due to the reduction in the team, we are no longer in a position to offer Well-being Practitioner Support in the Caradon area. 

Status of Well-being Practitioner Referrals -

OPEN (Penwith, Kerrier, Carrick, Restormel and North Cornwall)

CLOSED (Caradon)


Kernow Connect's Dreadnought (Counselling) Referrals: 
This support is for young people experiencing mental health difficulties that are causing a significant impairment to their ability to function on a daily basis, alongside at least one of the following criteria:  

  • A CAMHS assessment has been undertaken but no ongoing therapeutic intervention has been put in place 
  • Discharged from in-patient services and in need of support to re-engage 
  • The Young Person is registered as CIN / CP / In-care 
  • School refusing and/or low education attendance 
  • At risk of exclusion from school 

Status of Kernow Connect’s Dreadnought Referrals –

OPEN throughout Cornwall (Limited Availability)
Once we reach capacity, referrals will be closed, ensuring both efficacy and efficiency of the service. This closure notice will be confirmed on the front page of this form, and subsequently updated when re-opened. 
For information on how to access all of our other services, please visit our website and select the 'Getting Support' tab.