Level 7 (Master's level) Training Review Invitation

1. Level 7 Data Science Training Review - Participant Information Page

At the ONS Data Science Campus, we are carrying out a review of Level 7 (Master's level) Data Science Training across the public sector. The aims of this review are to: 
  • assess our training programmes 
  • understand data science training needs at this level 
  • ensure that we improve our training programmes and develop new programmes to meet data science training needs  
In 2017, the Data Science Campus worked with a number of universities to develop a MSc in Data Analytics for Government (MDataGov). Variations of the MDataGov include a PgDip, PgCert and one-off CPD modules. As part of the review of Level 7 training, the MDataGov will be reviewed to ensure that it continues to meet student needs. Moreover, the prospect of a Level 7 apprenticeship in Data Analytics, which runs alongside the MDataGov, is also being explored. 

In order to carry out this review we would like to invite participants from across the public sector to complete a one-off questionnaire or attend a 1 hour virtual focus group. We are looking for participants who are: 
  • interested in upskilling people in Level 7 Data Science within their organisation  
  • interested in Level 7 Data Science training for themselves 
  • interested in the development of a Level 7 Data Analytics (and/or potentially AI) Apprenticeship for the public sector 
  • past students on the MDataGov/PgDip/PgCert/CPD modules 
  • prospective students on the MDataGov/PgDip/PgCert/CPD modules 
  • line managers and colleagues of MDataGov/PgDip/PgCert/CPD students 
  • responsible for approving/managing the funding for learning and development within their organisation 
If you are interested in participating in the review, could you kindly complete this short questionnaire to provide your contact details for participation.

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Many thanks! 

Debbie Cooper, Academic Manager, Data Science Campus