Medway Cultural Strategy opinion survey


1. Medway Cultural Strategy Opinion Survey
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Thank you for helping us with this survey! 

We'd really appreciate your time in completing it, and sharing your opinion about the Medway Cultural Strategy. If you do wish to complete it in two sections, feel free to add some answers to a new section later - you can leave out the sections you've completed and the survey will keep those although we won't be able to match up your sets of answers. 

How your data will be used
In addition to your views, we would like to collect some personal information to help us find out about the people who answer the survey - that helps us find any relationships in people's views. 

All full data responses will be confidential, stored securely and not shared with anybody outside the research team at Ruth Melville Research and GJG Consultancy. Other parties involved will receive a 'summary' version in which replies will be anonymised - replies given will not be linked either to names or to other replies. After analysis, all personal data and full data responses will be deleted. Any direct quotes used, either written or shared online, will also be fully anonymised. The survey will be open until Monday 13th July 2020.