The Learning Theorists Research Group


1. Why do you want to study the different learning theories and what do you hope you'll learn?


2. How do you hope these theories will affect your work?


3. Five years on from studying learning theories, how much do you think a typical teacher remembers and uses?


4. Is this what you'd like for yourself?


5. What might prevent you from wholeheartedly embracing the study of pedagogy theory over the next four months?


6. If you perceive any barriers, what might you do to overcome them?


7. What are the main challenges you face with your teaching?


8. How are you feeling about the forthcoming study and research?

Research preparation task
In preparation for the first session, please produce a list of the types of lessons you deliver. Include whether these are for individuals, groups, or both.

For example:
  • Progress review (individuals)
  • Progress tutorial (group)
  • Theory lesson (group)
  • Concept lesson (group)
  • Accomplishing a practical task (individuals and groups)
  • etc..
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