Income and expenditure of childcare providers


Survey – Income and expenditure of childcare providers

The Welsh Government is surveying childcare and play providers. We want to understand more about the costs that are involved in running a childcare business, and how you generate income. 


We want to understand this in order to inform policy decisions that we make, including around the rates that we pay for funded programmes and other forms of support that we offer to providers. We will use the information you give us alongside other relevant information, such as measures of price inflation in the UK economy and information about staff pay, including the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage.


The questionnaire includes questions about your costs (the money you spend on things like staff, rent, bills etc.), your income (including from fees and from funded programmes such as the Childcare Offer for Wales) and the amount of hours of care that you provide. We will also ask about the average salaries paid to different types of staff within your service. Having the relevant documents to hand can help, for example, your most recent annual accounts or a bank statement.


You can save your progress on this survey so that you can come back to complete it later. To do so you will have to enter your email address. This will not be visible to the Welsh Government, and will be used solely to send you a link to your saved responses.


You can also move forwards and backwards through the survey using the ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons. 


If you are happy to continue, the next page will provide you with a Privacy Notice that indicates what data we wish to collect and how it will be used.