Changes to prescribing: Over the Counter Medicines

We want to know more about your experiences around implementing guidance on not routinely prescribing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

NHS England issued guidance in summer 2018 for conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care. We have followed the national lead and have implemented this guidance locally. You can find more details by visiting

We want to find out more about your experiences of implementing this guidance as frontline healthcare staff. A few minutes of your time will help us understand if there is any further support we can provide you or indeed any further information or advice we can give to local people so that they know how they can help us to help them.

Thank you for your time. This survey is anonymous and we are not collecting any personal information unless you voluntarily provide this to us.

1. Which of area of Leeds do you cover (e.g. Wetherby, Harehills or if you prefer, LS22, LS8 etc.)?


2. Thinking of your most recent patient interactions, how regularly do you ask them to purchase over-the-counter medicines?


3. How often have you decided that a patient with a minor condition should not be asked to purchase an over-the-counter medicine?


4. Are there any specific conditions where you find it difficult to ask patients to purchase over-the-counter medicines or where they feel this should be provided on prescription?


5. If you have recommended patients buy OTC medicines, how has this been received?


6. Thinking about where you work, do you feel that the number of patients attending with a minor condition suitable for self-care has declined in recent months?


7. Is there any additional information or support that you feel could be offered to patients so that they choose to self-care/purchase OTC medicines?


8. Any other comments?