Collections Management Advice Surgeries

1. Pre-session questionnaire

SHARE Museums East is partnering with the Collections Trust to offer a limited number of advice surgeries. Up to two members of your organisation can attend the online meeting, which will be hosted by Lindsay Duncan or Anna Rhodes, Outreach Officers, Collections Trust or Sarah Brown, Deputy Director. The meeting will last up to 1.5 hours on Zoom or Microsoft Teams and you will receive a follow-up summary of notes and recommendations based on your conversation.

To make the most of this opportunity, please submit a brief summary of what support you require via this online survey. Once we have received your completed survey, a member of the SHARE team will review it and confirm meeting details with you. This survey will close at 5pm, Thursday 21 December 2023.

Please note, places are limited. This offer is aimed at those who feel they are struggling with elements of a Spectrum procedure, for example issues with object numbering, inventory, or documentation planning. Collections Trust cannot proofread or assess documents for Accreditation but policies and plans can be supplied in advance of the advice surgery to provide useful context for discussion.

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9. What area of Collections Management are you seeking advice on? (select all that apply)


10. Please use this space to provide any useful context for the discussion. For example, you could expand on the areas selected in the previous question or provide more detail about a particular issue.


11. Please let us know your availability for an online surgery lasting 1.5 hours between October 2023 and 15 March 2024 (for example, specify dates/days of the week to avoid) *