This is the application form for funding for a Workshop at ICMS (funded by EPSRC)  There are currently two schemes: research workshop  and early career researcher workshops.

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In addition to the brief description, please provide a proposal in support of for your Research Workshop application.   The proposal should be no more than six A4 pages in length. 

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12. Budget: The budget for a research and ECR workshop is typically £20500 and can be allocated in a number of ways. We recommend that you charge a registration fee of £100 to contribute towards subsistence during the meeting. For example, ICMS workshop funds typically provide accommodation, subsistence and contributions towards travel for around 30 participants. Please provide details on your budget below including any other sources of income that you may have or will apply for, for example NSF funding or another grant that you hold. Please note that the London Mathematical Society will not consider applications for funding for ICMS-EPSRC funded events as they already contribute funding towards our events.  *


13. Preferred dates: please provide three possible start dates for your workshop. Please note the following: applications submitted in April 2021 will be for workshops taking place in 2022 onwards; the summer months are very popular and it may not be possible to give you your first choice; and ICMS does not hold any events in August. *


14. Referees: please provide the name, institution and email address of three referees. Referees should not be invited participants in the workshop. *


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