Resident Involvement Survey


1. How would you rate Babergh & Mid-Suffolk Councils as a landlord? (1 being poor and 5 being excellent)

Please explain your choice in as much detail as possible *


2. What changes would you personally like to see to the Babergh & Mid-Suffolk housing service? *


3. Are you aware that tenant representatives have already been providing feedback to the housing service on your behalf? *


4. Which of these methods would you most prefer to use to express your views about the housing service? *


5. If our housing services were to recruit more volunteers to represent our tenants and give feedback on their behalf, would you be interested in becoming a volunteer? *


6. If you were to become a tenant representative or become more actively involved in our tenant feedback scheme, would there be any barriers to you attending meetings/giving feedback on our website? *


7. What are your top three aspects of the housing service that you would like to see improved? *


8. How should the housing service keep you informed about the council's decision-making? *


9. For the purposes of entering you into our prize draw for the £20 amazon gift card, please leave your name, age, home address, and email address/telephone number.

None of your details will be shared with partners or third party organisations and you can request for your details to be removed from our records at any time.